How do I request software for installation on school owned computers?

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  • Software Requests – Information Systems 
    • At the behest of college leadership, will install the approved versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office (which may not be the latest depending on compatibility, reliability, textbook versioning, etc.)  
    • Other titles are usually purchased by individual departments.  
    • Please consult with us to ensure that the titles are compatible with our systems, the correct number (and type) of licenses are purchased, any server or bandwidth requirements are accounted for, and that we will receive support information and updates.  
    • Often different departments wish to use the same titles and we try to coordinate those efforts for cost savings.  
    • The campus does not support conflicting versions of the same title on campus.
    • Please remember that if you are utilizing a title you did not request or pay for it may be removed if the originating department decides to make a change.
    • Upgrades and changes can be made during each break period between quarters assuming the software and updated license information is made available to us no less than two weeks before the beginning of the following quarter.  
    • Due to heavy utilization, and to avoid confusion, additions, and changes are not done mid-quarter unless we are addressing a significant issue.
    • Andrew Homan is the point of contact for software installation, and will send an “all staff” email out 3-4 weeks before the cutoff time to remind customers to complete their requests.
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