How do I use the Magic Wand Scanner?

 This lesson shows how to use the Magic Wand Scanner. VuPoint Magic Wand Scanner Turn on scanner by holding the power button down. JPG or PDF

1). Push the JPG/PDF button to save image as JPG or PDF file.

2). Push the DPI button if you need to adjust the image's resolution. Preparing to scan Line up the arrows with the paper that you are going to be scanning. Scan Once you are satified that your paper is lined up properly then click scan.

Green light -Make sure that the green light is on before you start scanning. Scanning document Slowly start moving the Magic Wand down the paper. Scanning Make sure that you are moving the scanner at a moderate pace so that way the scanner scans the document without error. Note: if you are going too slow the green light will turn off. Scanning Note: When you are done the green light will turn off. However, if you go too fast it will give you an error light in red.

Mini USB to scanner Plug in the mini USB cord to the scanner on the side. USB cord to computer When you are finished scanning all of your documents plug in the USB to the computer. Note: When you open up your documents you should be able to edit them and email them to yourself or anyone.

Removable Disk -Click Open folder to view files. Finding Documents

1). Click Removable Disk

2). Click DCIM Finding Documents Click on 100MEDIA. Image of Documents Click on the JPG image or PDF.

Save, edit, print, or email your document Now you can save, edit, print, or email your document.


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