Respondus Lockdown Browser Instructor Quick Start Guide

Here is the link to the instructor quick start guide for the Respondus Lockdown Browser:

Respondus Lockdown Browser Instructor Quick Start Guide (Canvas)

Respondus LockDown Browser uses a standard Windows or Mac installer that can be downloaded by faculty or students from the following link (note: this link is unique for TCC)

The Respondus LockDown Browser has been installed on all TCC classroom and computer lab computers since September 2014 and is updated regularly to the latest version of the application.

The short version instructions for student usage are:

  • Open the designated quiz in Canvas
  • At the initial screen, if the user does not have the most current version of Respondus LockDown Browser, they will be prompted to download the app (it works for Windows or Mac computers—not most Chromebooks or cell phones)
  • Once the app is loaded, an icon will appear on the computer monitor entitled “LockDown Browser” and it is shaped like a globe with a padlock on it
  • The user should then close out of all applications and web browsers, click on the icon and they will be directed to the Canvas quiz
  • (NOTE:  Students should not go to their Start menu and type “Respondus” or “LockDown” in that because it does not go to the Canvas quiz; instead, it just opens the executable application and is not going to get students into the requisite quiz.)

Many faculty create a no-stakes quiz so that students can get this process done and tested out before a high-stakes quiz.


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