How do I take a proctored test using Panopto?


Click on Panopto Recordings

Drop box folder

Click on the folder for the [Assignment]


Click on the green Create button


Click Record a new session


You must download the installer, please chose MAC or Windows for your system


Depending on the browser you're using, you will want to run the install


Click Run

Launch Recorder

Click on Launch Recorder

Recording window

You should now see the Recording window

1)  Your camera should be listed, you may have to select it on the drop down by clicking on the black arrow

2)  You may have to select the microphone you want to use by clicking on the black arrow

3)  If you want to see a preview of your desktop, check the box for Enable screen capture preview

****NOTE***  It can take up to 2 minutes for Panopto to detect your camera and microphone

Name your session

Name your session the name of your quiz/exam and your last name


Click on the RECORD button

Now recording

You know you are recording when the timer has started and you see the STOP and PAUSE buttons.  Just minimize the Recording window and go back to Cavnas.

Go to your quiz

Navigate to your quiz/exam and click Take the Quiz


After you submit your quiz/exam open Panopto and click STOP

Recording status

Click OK

Exam uploaded

When the 0% reaches 100% your recording is uploaded to the server

You are Done!


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