How do I record a outgoing message using the Mitel desktop app?

This guide will walk you through using your Mitel desktop app to record outgoing messages for Out of Office, In a Meeting, or when your on the line and miss the call.

Step 1:  Open your Mitel Desktop App and click on the Settings down arrow.

Step 2:  Click on Settings

Step 3:  Click on Call Routing > Chose what state you want to make the recording for > click Record

Step 4:  You can listen to your current recording then make a new one by clicking on Record New Greeting. At the top of the screen it will tell you what state your recording for.

Step 5:  Click Next to go to the next options for that message. When you are ready, click Save

You will be brought back to the screen where you can pick your next voice mail greeting you wish to adjust. Repeat steps 3 - 5. 



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Tue 9/13/22 3:59 PM
Tue 9/13/22 3:59 PM