How do I set my Default Apps for Browsers or specific files?

This guide is going to walk you through setting your Default Apps for programs to open email or open a browser when you click on a hyper link.  You can also set a default app to open a given file type, such as .pdf or .docx 

Step 1:  Searching for Default Apps

1)  Click on the Start Menu icon

2)  Start typing Default Apps

3)  In the list that populates, click on Default Apps

Step 2: Changing the default

1)  Click on the which default you wish to change

2)  Pick the new App you wish to use from the list

Step 3:  Changing the Default Apps by file type

Click on the link at the bottom, Choose default apps by file type

Step 4: Pick your application


1)  Scroll down through the list for the file type you want to change

2)  Click on the current application to get the list of alternate programs

3)  Click on the Application you want to switch to

Your options will save automatically. 






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