Outlook Email Quick Parts

Part 1: What is a Quick Part?

Quick Parts are efficient ways to insert content into an email through the Outlook Desktop Application (unfortunately this tool is not available on the web-based Office 365).  Benefits of Quick Parts:

1)  Quickly include content/information that you find yourself regularly typing out. Instead of typing you can save and insert the information whenever needed.

2)  Content/information is CONSISTENT.  Working within your own department or with other departments on agreed upon wording allows for consistent communication. 

3)  Can be used to create Email templates depending on your role and the type of communication you send through email.   You can save an entire email as a Quick Part and use it as an editable template.

4)  Sharing “transactional” information so we can spend our time on the more complicated “human bits”.  Examples of “transactional” information:

     a)  Office hours

     b)  Policies

     c)  Steps for standardized processes (how to register for a Learning Community, how to request an official transcript, how to access an unofficial transcript, how to get a parking pass etc)

     d)  Links to websites and web pages or contact information


Part 2: How to Create a Quick Part 

Step 1:  Open a new email window (must be its own “pop-out” window within the desktop Outlook application)



Step 2:  Insert and highlight the text that you would like to save as a Quick part in the body of the email 


Step 3:  Click Insert

Step 4: Saving a Quick Part

   a)  Click Quick Part 

   b)  ​​​​​​​Chose Save Collection to Quick Part Gallery


Step 5:  It will give you a pop up Create New Building Block


a)  Enter a name for the Quick part as well as a category that it fits into (Categories might include: appointments, resources, process, etc). 

b)  To save, click OK 


Part 3: Using Quick Parts

Step 1:  There are three ways to access a Quick Part 

A)  By beginning to type the “name” of the Quick Part – a option should appear to insert the Quick Part by pressing Enter on your keyboard


B)  Select Insert, then select Quick Parts, choose the QP you need 

C)  You can also create an option in the toolbar for QP by: 

1)  Click Insert  

2)  Right-click Quick Parts

3)  Select Add to Quick Access Toolbar

This will allow you to access the QPs from the Quick Access Toolbar

Step 2:  To delete a QP

1)  Click Insert

2)  Click Quick Part 

3)  Right-click on the Quick Part you wish to remove

4)  Click Organize and Delete

You will then have the option to select the QP and Delete

Part 4: Pro-Tip and FYI 

  • QPs are stackable meaning you can add multiple into one email! 
  • They are also editable once inserted, so feel free to adjust to an individual email 
  • You can save formatting in your QPS such as numbering, bullet points, text formatting, hyperlinks, tables, images
  • Feel free to share the wording of your Quick Parts with your colleagues! 


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