How do I use Zoom Focus for Test Proctoring?

*This is ideal for perhaps 1-6 students that need proctoring online. Students will need to have 2 devices. A mobile device with Zoom to record the student taking the test. And a computer or similar device to take the test with Respondus. This is also requires the instructor to mute all the students. Only the instructor and student can see each other. Students cannot see one another. If the students are not muted they will be able to hear one another.

  • Go to
  • Click Account Management
  • Click Account Settings
  • Click on the Meeting Tab
  • Scroll to In Meeting (Advanced)
  • You should see the toggle for Focus Mode, click on it to enable
    • If you don't see it and need contact
  • Click Enable to verify the change
  • If you are doing this for a Zoom Room specifically please click on Room Management
  • Click Zoom Rooms
  • Click on the name of the specific Zoom Room you want to edit
  • Click Room settings
  • Click on the Meeting tab
  • Under the In Meeting (Basic) click on the Focus Mode toggle to enable it
  • Click Enable to verify the change you just made
  • In the meeting itself if you are the host, click on the More... Button
  • Click the Start Focus Mode Option
  • Click Start to confirm
  • The students should only be able to see your video
  • To end Focus Mode, click on the more button
  • Click Stop Focus Mode
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