How do I toggle the Auto Invite to a Teams Meeting in Outlook Web?

This guide will walk you through toggling the option to create a Teams Meeting when you create a calendar event and add attendants. There are two methods to toggle this setting:  for each individual meeting, or for all meetings you create in Outlook Web.

**These steps are for the Outlook Web via the Portal. 

Method 1:  For individual meetings.
These next steps will walk you through turning off the Teams invite for one calendar event.

1. Log into your Portal and click on Campus Email

2. Click on the Calendar

3, Start a New Event

4.  At the bottom of the window, you will see a small slider for turning on or off "Teams Meeting" If it is to the right, it is "On". Click on it to slide it to the left, "Off"

Method 2:  For all calendar invites.
These next steps will walk you through toggling the Teams invite for all calendar events.

1.  In the OWA, click on settings, then View all Outlook settings

2.  Click on Calendar > Events and Invitations > Click to remove (or add) the check mark at Add online meeting to all meetings > Save


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