What is the right forms tool to choose?


What Tool to Choose:


Surveys collect information that does not contain personally identifiable data, but are geared more towards generalized questions based on large group feedback. They are often used to determine level of satisfaction (Likert scale), or likelihood of a behavior.

Commonly used

  • Survey Monkey
    • Secured
  • Google Forms
  • Microsoft Forms


Forms collect individualized information meant to assist in working with a specific individual. Commonly used:

  • OnBase
    • Secured (protects FERPA regulated information)
    • Includes record management system
    • Includes workflow
    • Includes report generation
  • Microsoft Forms
    • Less secure
    • Information housed on cloud
  • Google Docs
    • Not secured
      • Should not be used for any sensitive data collection
    • Information housed on cloud
  • Fillable PDF
    • Good for low-tech populations
    • No way to ensure the information is secured once printed
    • Required plan to secure in physical space and/or destroy


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