How can I share my pronouns in Zoom?

Would you like to add and share your pronouns to others when in a Zoom meeting?  Here are two ways you can do it:

Option 1 (Recommended) 

1.  Go to and log in.
2.  Click "Edit" on the right hand side of your name.

3.  Change your "Display Name" to include your pronouns and hit "Save".  For instance, Shawn Jones can change the "Display Name" to "Shawn Jones (they/them)" to include Shawn's pronouns. 

This shows your pronouns to everyone who sees your "Display Name" in Zoom.


Option 2

Add and share your pronouns using Zoom pronoun sharing.  This may not share your pronouns in chat or all places, however, which is a limitation of this feature at this time.  



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