How to Enter Employee COVID-19 Immunization Attestation or Exemption

This guide will show you how to input your COVID vaccine attestation information into ctcLink.



1.  Login to ctcLink and click on the HCM Employee Self-Service button

Screenshot showing HCM Self-service button


2.  Click the Immunization Attestation

     Screenshot showing immunization attestation tile

3. In the Vaccination Details section

  • Select the Immunization or Exemption Type from the drop-down list and input the date received



4. If applicable, to input Second dose information, click the [+] icon then select the immunization type and date

     Screenshot showing second immunization drop down


5. Answer the Self Attestation section statement by clicking on the slider to display, "Yes I Agree."

     Screenshot showing self attestation agreement slider


6.  Answer the Disciplinary Action section statement by clicking on the slider to display, "Yes I Agree."

     Screenshot showing disciplinary action agreement slider


7.  Verify all information is accurate and then click Submit to save

     Screenshot showing submit button to save


!!! After clicking "Submit" your information will be saved, but you will stay on the page. !!!


8.  Information will be saved, but you will stay on the page. Click the Employee Self Service link at the top left of the page to return to the Employee Self-Service Homepage

          Screenshot showing back button to exit


9. Updates can be made by returning to the Immunization Attestation tile in the ctcLink Employee Self Service page as needed.


If you need assistance, please submit a support ticket at


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