How Do I Register My Prox Card at a Canon Copier?

When you first go to the Printer/Copier unit, you will place your Prox Card to the prox card reader and the first image on the screen will state that your card is registered.  

Press the button in the lower right to Login & Access Functions.  You may then see that your card is now not recognized.

Tap the little Keyboard icon to the right of each field to manually enter your Portal/Log in user name and your Portal/Log in/Email password.  This will link your Prox Card back to your account.  

You will then be asked to pick the correct Budget Number for Copying in the Billing Details screen.

Press the Search at the top of the screen.  A Search dialogue box will open.

Press Search again to display the Budget codes that have been assigned to you.

Each code will have a short description next to the number.  Tap the code you were assigned for Printing and Copying and tap OK.

That budget code then be used for your copy job.  


If you do not know the Budget number that you are to be using for your Printing and Copying, please speak with your Manager or Department Dean.  They will be able to assist you with the correct number to be using.  If you do not see the correct Budget number, please contact your Manager or Department Dean who can facilitate Budget code authorization with the IT Department.  



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