How to stop using your Mitel softphone (and switch back to your desk phone)

So you've successfully used the TCC Softphone - Congrats! - but now you are back in your office and you want to use your desk phone again.  If you have used the off-campus softphone, you will need to set your extension to use your desk phone again.  Here is how you would do that.

  • Go into your Mitel softphone settings by opening your Mitel application and clicking on "Connect" at the top of your Mitel application, then choose "Settings".
  • Click on Softphone and UNCHECK the “On startup assign me to my softphone” option. 
  • When you are switching back and forth from on campus one day and home the next, there is a quick way to switch betweel the 2 options.  

1)  Click on your name

2)  At the pop out, click on Desk phone or Softphone


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