How to add staples to your Canon Copier

Replacing the Staple Cartridge

When the optional Inner Finisher-B1 runs out of staples, the message <Load staples.> appears on the touch panel display. In this case, replace the staple cartridge as described below

01: Open the front cover of the finisher
02: Grasp the staple case by the green tab to lift and pull it from the stapler unit
03: Squeeze the staple case from both sides (press the area indicated by PUSH), and lift the spring-loaded case
Note: You can lift the spring-loaded case only when no staples are left inside the cartridge.
04: Remove the empty staple cartridge

05: Insert a new staple cartridge in the staple case
Important: Use only staple cartridges designed for use with this machine
Important: Do not remove the seal that holds the staples together in this step
Note: The staple case can hold only one staple cartridge

06: Press the spring-loaded case down until it clicks into place
07: Remove the seal that holds the staples together by pulling it straight out
Important: Do not pull the seal out at an angle, as it may tear
08: Return the staple case to its original position in the stapler unit
Note: Make sure that the staple case clicks into place
09: Close the front cover of the finisher.
As soon as the cover is closed, the stapler unit automatically conducts several dry fires to reposition the staples.



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