ShoreTel/Mitel Phone

The college has a Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephone system. You supervisor or manager should have requested a phone and extension number for you. If they did not, or if the name on the phone at your desk is for a former employee, please encourage them to create a support request to have that work completed.

The phones are plugged into an appropriately configured network port, and receive power from the network. Because the location information of each phone is reported to the 911 dispatch centers, it's extremely important that you do not move your phone to a different network port without the assistance of the IT department.

There are a few different models of phones currently in use. You can find a user's guide for your specific phone on the right side of this article. There is also a voicemail quick reference guide that reveals how to check your voicemail from an off-campus telephone.

There is software installed on all faculty and staff computers that allows you to interact with your phone, the greetings, the different modes, and your voicemail. Each person must go through a few steps that will associate your telephone with your computer. The video below will demonstrate the steps required:

After starting the video, you may wish to click the icon in the lower right corner to play full screen.

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