Multimedia Classroom Help

If you are experiencing technical issues with any of the following, please request support to our support team and we will resolve the issue.

  • Audio (Audio not working, Lecture Capture Microphone (xTag) or Voice Reinforcement Microphone)
  • Document camera
  • DVD/VCR combo unit
  • Local monitor or Smartboard (interactive monitor) located on top of podium
  • Overhead projector or projector screen
  • Podium Computer, Keyboard or Mouse
  • Podium locks
  • Podium phone
  • PowerPoint Remote or batteries
  • Push button control (located on top of podium)
  • Touch panel

Please Note:
Do not make the assumption that someone else has reported the issue and do submit a ticket.


If you have been placed in a classroom that contains one of the new touch panel controls and you are unfamiliar with how to use it, you can find a how to guide using this link or you can schedule training by selecting the request support button.

Common Issues:

  • There is no audio from the computer
    • This occurs a lot when the xTag lecture capture microphone has been unplugged or newly installed. To quickly resolve this, use this link for directions.
  • Smartboard Pen Orientation
    • If you notice the Smartboard pen is not accurate, follow this link to directions on how to quickly resolve the accuracy.
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