How do I create a Panopto recording on a MAC computer (as as student)?


Within your Canvas course click on Panopto Recordings

Click on Create

Click Record a new session

Either Open Panopto or Download Panopto (if you don't have it already - if you are using a TCC campus computer, Panopto will already be installed). **NOTE** If you have to download, you need Mac OS X 10.10 an up

Click on Open URL:Panopto Protocol (if prompted)

Make your Recording

1) Make sure your recording is going into the right class and the right folder

2) Put your name or any other pertinent information about your recording

3) Click Record

Minimize the Panopto recording screen

When you are finished recording, click on the Panopto icon on your computers taskbar

Stop the Recording

Upload recording


1) If you would like to change the name do so here

2) If you are ready to upload, click Upload

Make sure video has finished processing

Make sure processing percentage reaches 100% before clossing Panopto or closing your computer.




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