How do I clear the Cookies and Cache for just ctcLink?


With the new ctcLink log in separating out to 2 windows, some users ae experiencing a long lag time for the log in. Clearing the cookies and the cache of the browser helps, Here is a guide from ctcLink for all browsers. This guide will walk you through clearing the cookies from just the ctcLink page.

1. ctcLink log in page

Go to the following URL:

2.  Lock Icon

1) Click on the Lock icon at the front of the address bar
2) Click on Cookies **Note that just for this one page there are 35 cookies in use**


3.  Cookies List

1) Click on the small arrow in front of
2) Click on Cookies
3) Click on Remove


4.  More than one address

1) Click on
2) Click on Remove
**If you have more than one URL for ctcLink, click each one and Remove
3) Once the cookies are removed, click Done

You should now be back at the first of the Log In screens, log in as normal.   

**Some users are reporting that after resolving the looping issue, they log in and their saved titles are missing.  If they close the browser and open a fresh one and log in, all of their normal tiles should return.



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