October 2019 ctcLink Upgrade: 9.2 Upgrade / Deployment Group 2 FAQ

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Updated 9/18/2019


Q:  What is going on with the October 2019 ctcLink / 9.2 Upgrade / Deployment Group 2?

A:  ctcLink is being upgraded and portions of the User Interface (UI) will change.  Tacoma, Spokane, Clark, and the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) are included in this upgrade.


Q:  When is this happening?  

A:  5:00 pm, Friday, October 11th through 8:00 am Monday the 14th and 5:00 pm Friday, October 25th through 8:00 am Monday the 28th, 2019.  


Q:  Where can I find end-user training details?

A:  End-user training details for Faculty & Staff can be found here.  End-user training information for Students is posted here.  


Q:  Will ctcLink be available during that time?

A:  No.  ctcLink will be completely unavailable during those weekends.  You will not be able to log in or do any work from 5pm Friday until 8am Monday.


Q:  Will the October upgrade affect Faculty, Staff, or Students?

A:  This will affect EVERYONE.  Faculty, Staff, and Students alike will not be able access ctcLink during the downtimes.


Q:  How can I prepare myself for this upgrade?

A:  Be aware and plan around the above-listed downtimes.  Come to the training sessions and/or take the online training courses provided.  More information about the training sessions will be available soon.  Click here for current training information


Q:  So if there are other schools coming online to ctcLink after the October 2019 Upgrade, will there be additional, significant downtimes?

A:  We can expect similar downtimes to ctcLink roughly every six months so that other Washington Community and Technical Colleges can be brought online to ctcLink.


Q:  What systems will this impact, and what will it not impact?

A:  This will solely impact ctcLink.  Student Center, HCM, Finance, Campus Solutions, Online Admissions, OSECE (Continuing Education) will ALL be unavailable during the downtime.  The TCC Portal (https://my.tacomacc.edu) and TCC Canvas (https://tacomacc.instructure.com) will not be affected. 


Q:  When are the other Washington Community and Technical Colleges coming online?

A:  You can view the schools and their deployment schedule here.


Q:  Can you tell me more about the ctcLink User Interface (UI) changes?

A:  The ctcLink UI will change in some ways, but in other ways it will not.  The main self-service portal you land on immediately after you log into ctcLink won't change.  Once you click directly into specific modules (CS, FSCM, HCM) the module landing page and navigation will look different.  However, the vast majority of all functions within the modules will not change.  In-person and online training will be available to help people understand this change better.


Q:  Why is this taking place over two weekends?

A:  The first weekend (11th through 14th) is for the software upgrade.  The second weekend (25th through 28th) is to convert data from other entities (Clark College and SBCTC) into our ctcLink system.  The major noticeable change will be after the first weekend.  This is when the UI will change as described in the previous question.  After the second weekend, only back end data will have changed, and TCC will be unaffected.


Q:  Will my Favorites be brought over from the old system?

A:  Favorites will not go away & will be carried over from the old system.  Some may not work, however, since they may use old navigation that does not exist anymore.


Q:  Will Run Controls (batch job settings) go away?

A:  Run Controls are not used for most users, but are used by some users to store settings for batch jobs.  Most Run Controls will not need to be recreated, but those Run Controls with parameter changes as a result of the upgrade will need to be recreated.  Before the October Upgrade, the SBCTC will furnish TCC with a list of those Run Controls whose parameters we can expect to change.


Q:  Will this affect 10th day of the quarter processing?

A:  10th day of the quarter processing falls before the downtime.


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