How do I connect to the wireless on an iPad?

This guide is going to walk you through connecting to the TCC Public or the TCC Wireless network on an iPad.


1)  You will notice there is no Wireless signal.

2)  Tap on Settings.



Tap on TCCPublic or TCC.

****NOTE****  TCCPublic is a open network that anyone can join, student or non student.  TCC will require you to log in with your portal user name and password.


TCCPublic Login

As soon as a signal is found, the default browser will open up to the Agreement Page.

Tap on I Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

****NOTE****  For some mobile devices, you may have to open the Default Browser that came pre-loaded on your device.  You cannot use the Chrome or Firefox App to sign into the wireless network.


TCC  Log in

1)  Enter the user name you use to log into the TCC Portal.

2)  Enter the Password you use for the TCC Portal.

3)  Tap on Log In.


Process completes

Wait just a few moments for the process to to complete.


Back to settings

After the process is complete it may bring you back to the Settings so you can see that you have a check for the network that you selected.


You're logged in

You will now notice that you have a wireless signal.



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