Certification & Testing Center Proctoring

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  • Proctor Center Instructions w/ Faculty Instructions for Proctoring are at the Certification & Testing Center
    • We are open throughout the year to help with your proctoring needs.  
      • Our Hours of Availability: Tuesday thru Friday: 8am-5pm
      • Saturdays: 8am-4pm
    • There are deadlines for your submission of Proctor Instruction forms.
    • For the most current deadlines, please contact Beth Davis at: bdavis@tacomacc.edu
    • *Please select more than one date for your students so we ensure we have seat availability
    • * You can alert your students that once your proctor instructions have been received, they may then call 253.460.4364 to schedule their appointments.
    • The Proctoring Center does not accept walk-ins or day-of appointments.


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