Where can I get help choosing a topic for my paper?

Librarians and tutors in the Writing & Tutoring Center can help you think about topics that:

  1. Match the requirements of your assignment
  2. Can be supported with sources from the TCC library Here are some resources to check for topic ideas:
  • Bigthink.com
    Big Think wants to "put you in contact with the ideas of very smart people." Sign up free of charge, look under topics and watch the interviews conducted with over 1,000 experts.
  • TED 
    Ideas worth spreading A small non-profit organization committed to spreading interesting ideas. Listen to talks by many experts on a wide variety of topics in the categories of technology, entertainment, design, business, science and global issues to find an idea for your paper.
  • CQ Researcher
    A weekly magazine (available online) with interesting coverage of topics in the social/political realm. The questions posed by the writers can help you narrow your topic and begin to think about potential or "working" thesis statements. Links from each issue (under CONTACTS) can also lead to additional useful resources.
    • Try to do a little thinking about who might care about your topic: the government? non-profit organizations? scientists? journalists? You should also consider how many people or institutions are likely to care and where those groups are located.
    • If you choose a topic that is important to only a small, specialized group, in one geographical region (especially if outside the U.S.) it may be difficult to find enough sources for a full paper.


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