How do I schedule a librarian for my class?

Librarians can come to your class (or you can bring your class to the library classroom, if it is available) once or twice per quarter.  

You can contact any of the librarians--we're a small team and we share an instruction calendar, so communicating with one of us is communicating with all!  We can be available at any time to meet with your class – early hours, late hours, and weekends are all fine with us (with sufficient notice!).  We can also meet for all or part of your class time; 50 minutes is fine, but sometimes two twenty-five minute visits might be more effective or a 50 minute class with a 20 minute follow up after a week or two. Give us at least a couple of days’ lead time (one or two weeks is best) – we’ll be able to do a better job of customizing the class time, and paper or electronic handouts to your assignment. We find that the most useful sessions are linked to an assignment and focus on two or three specific learning outcomes.

An example might be that students will learn:

  1. The difference between scholarly and popular sources  
  2. Why scholarly resources are not usually available on the web  
  3. How to access at least one of the library's databases and construct an effective search. We'll want to collaborate with you to come up with those outcomes before we prepare for class.

We've also found that students seem to be more engaged if you are present and engage with us (ask questions, play devil's advocate, rephrase an important point, etc.) as we work with them. We look forward to working with you and your students!


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