Where can I find a quiet place to study?

Here are a few places you might go for quiet study:

  • Building 7 
    • The Library has cubicles and quiet study areas available for students. The southwest corner of the south reading room and the northwest corner of the reference room are designated for quiet study. The mezzanine, which includes small group study rooms, is also a great place to check out for quiet study. 
    • The Reading & Study Skills Lab The lab is located on the 2nd floor, Room 224. There are quiet study areas in addition to 24 computers available for student use.
    • Student Services There are tables and chairs located in the lobby- however, these areas are generally louder and busier as compared to library areas.


  • Building 16
    • Lounge/Study areas Lounge areas near the stairwells at the West end of Building 28 are comfortable and relatively quiet except for passing foot traffic.
    • The Information Commons If you need to use a computer AND want quiet, the Information Commons is a good choice.


  • Building 15
    • The Science & Engineering Building This building has seating areas for quiet study available for students on all 3 floors. These comfortable seating areas are located on the East side of the building.



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