How do I know if Math 10 is right for me?

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  • You have studied the material you wish to cover in the past and simply need to brush up your skills.
    • You assessed within 10 points of the cutoff score on the accuplacer assessment test (see back of this form for specific scores).
    • You took a Math 75, 85, 90 or 95 class at TCC and received a grade of D or higher.
    • You have taken math classes somewhere else and need a refresher.


  • You are self-motivated and committed to covering a lot of math material in a short amount of time (successful students usually spend 40 or more hours working on the material over the four week period).


  • You are comfortable with computers and willing to study math through computer-mediated learning. No additional textbook is required but you must purchase access to the online program ALEKS* (approx. $40). A login access code is available for purchase at the TCC Bookstore or online during class on the first day.


Additional Notes

  • Math 010 is not a traditional course.
  • Math 010 is a 2-credit intensive class that requires self-motivation and the willingness to work with computer software both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • You will be required to purchase an ALEKS Student Access Code from the TCC Bookstore or online.
  • Math 010 is graded on a S/U basis only.
  • Math 010 is NOT designed to be taken concurrently with any other math class. If students need the review that Math 10 provides, they should plan to drop their current math class before they sign up for Math 10. Students who drop a 5-credit math class will not have to pay tuition on the 2-credit Math 10 class.


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