What is Math 10?

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  • Math 10 is a 4 week 2-credit intensive review course designed for students who have had success in past arithmetic and algebra course and who need to review skills before progressing through the math sequence at TCC.
  • The primary mode of instruction is computer-mediated; however, an instructor will be available during regular class times to assist students.
  • Self-motivation and a willingness to work with computer software both inside and outside of the classroom are essential for successful completion of the course.
  • The following TCC courses can be reviewed through Math 010:
    • Math 75 – Basic Arithmetic (MATH 010W)
    • Math 85 – Introduction to Algebra (MATH 010X)
    • Math 90 – Elementary Algebra (MATH 010Y)
    • Math 95 - Intermediate Algebra (MATH 010Z).
  • Click this link below to read more or to request an entry code:


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