I received a placement but I still cannot register for classes?

  • The Assessment Services department transcript reviews are for placement purposes only.
  • This means that credit for English and/or math is not given in this process.
  • Placement, however, may fulfill specific English and/or math prerequisites for registration.
  • Credit from your transcript from another school can only be applied by having that school send an “Official Transcript”,
    • Or by you bringing a sealed copy of your transcript to the Enrollment Services Office in Building 7.    
  • Our New Student Orientation may be an option for you.
  • It is possible, depending on your situation that not attending a New Student Orientation could prevent you from registering for classes.

Follow the link below to sign-up!


Please contact Advising to find out what your placements mean for your situation at 253.566.6091 or e-mail peeradv@tacomacc.edu


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