Setting up Mac's to use with Express Metrix Console

Install the Express Metrix administrator Console, if you have not done so by now From the Administrative Console

  1. Select on “Machine” at the top
  2. Select “Remote Inventory”
  3. Select “Prepare Client” Note: This will generate an inventory configuration file to run on the Mac's locally Copying inventory configuration file. Do note the path of where the configuration file is located --> there is a different path for each OS.  
  4. Navigate to that path and copy the entire folder onto a flash drive Visiting each Mac computer.  
  5. Log into computer.  
  6. Plug the usb flash drive in and navigate to the folder you copied from previous step.
  7. Double click on the "Inventory" file.
  8. This will begin the inventory process
  9. Once the inventory is ran and completed, it will have created a folder called "esm_machine name_today's date. (Example above)
  10. Repeat this step on as many Mac's you need to create an inventory on. Each time you run the inventory, it will create a new folder for each machine you run the configuration on Importing Inventory into Express Console
  11. Plug in the usb flash drive you used and launch the Express console.
  12. Select "Machine".
  13. Select "Remote inventory".
  14. Select "Import" Navigating to inventory.
  15. Select "Browse" and navigate to the usb flash drive that the inventory files were saved to.
  16. Select "Import"
  17. Repeat for each inventory file you have on your flash drive and you are done.


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