What are academic sources?

  • An academic source (book, journal article, web publication, etc.) has two primary qualities:
    • An identifiable author (person or organization) with credentials in a specific field of study (psychology, history, literature)
    • Writing that is aimed at an audience of educated individuals, using the standard vocabulary of the author's field


  • Academic sources are most often found in academic libraries, although not everything in the TCC library is academic! Librarians can help you find books that are considered academic.  
    • Academic journal articles will be found in several of the library's databases:  
      • Academic Search Premier, JSTOR, PsycArticles, and in ProQuest--if the "Scholarly journals" box is checked.
      • The full text of some academic journal articles may be found on the internet through search engines such as Google Scholar; most, however, are not available free of charge.
      • Sometimes the phrase "scholarly" will be used instead of "academic."  
      • A "peer-reviewed" or "refereed" journal article is one type of academic source.
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