How do I choose a billing code if I have multiple billing codes?

For those with more than one budget code, when printing to the TCC-Printing queue, the Equitrac Express Print Assistant client will remember the last budget used.  If you have been assigned several Budget Codes, you will have to pick the one that is for Printing and Copying.

To search for a Budget Code, press the Search icon to the right of the field:

In the Search dialog, leave the radio buttons as is, and click the Search button:

The dialog will refresh with the codes assigned to you, including their friendly description:

Select the desired budget and click OK to use that for the print job.


If you do not know the Budget number that you are to be using for your Printing and Copying, please speak with your Manager or Department Dean.  They will be able to assist you with the correct number to be using.  If you do not see the correct Budget number, please contact your Manager or Department Dean who can facilitate Budget code authorization with the IT Department.  


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